Asset & Equipment 

Keep Track of All Forms of Equipment Indoors & Outdoors

Trackem can track more than your fleet vehicles. Our Asset & Equipment tracking capabilities allow businesses to keep track of all sorts of different equipment types that are mobile, stationary and if they are used indoors or outdoors. Outside our trackers use GPS signals to track location, while inside a building, where GPS signals struggle to penetrate, our hardware can pick up WiFi signals to determine its location. If either of those signals fails, it will even fall back to triangulate itself in space through cellular signals.

Split image showing a forklift in a warehouse and a generator on a construction site

Trackem Asset & Equipment Tracking is perfect for: 

  • Generators
  • Man lifts
  • Job boxes
  • Golf carts/mobility carts
  • Dollies
  • Pallet jacks
  • Cranes
  • Ladders
  • Fork lifts
  • Industrial floor cleaners
  • Service carts
  • Trailers

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What Trackem hardware is right for you?

Depending on the type of assets that require tracking, Trackem may recommend various hardware types. Call us now or schedule a meeting with one of our experts.