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In a complex environment, Trackem offers a simple solution.

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An airport is an extremely complex environment, and home to various telecommunications, radar, radio, satellite, WiFi and more.

Airport technology management between landside and airside, as well as the airlines and the various contractors is a major endeavor. Multiply this by the sheer size of an airport campus and the amount of buildings, and it becomes clear that tracking equipment in these facilities can be very complicated.

Trackem is working with some of North America's largest airports, air carriers and airport contractors, offering a surprisingly simple tracking solution that ‘ticks all the boxes’.

Airport terminal electric passenger transport caddy car buggy accessibility aide.
Airport luggage transport vehicle driving along the tarmac with trailer full of luggage.

Key Features

Trackem offers GPS trackers with key features tailored for airport management:

  • Functions both indoors & outdoors (using WiFi, cellular tracking & GPS)
  • Requires no access to existing tech infrastructure
  • Independent, wireless battery-powered devices
  • Small-form factor
  • Easy, 1-minute installations
  • Long battery life - over 10 years on one set of AAA batteries
  • Easy customizable tracking software
  • Real-time notifications
  • Can integrate via API or webhook into GIS systems
  • Can support thousands of tracked assets (trucks, snow plows, man lifts, tugs, wheelchairs, mobility carts, luggage dollies, pallet jacks, generators, lawn equipment, floor cleaners, etc.)