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Trackem GPS has been a go-to GPS tracking brand for the trades for 20 years. Landscaping, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, renovation contractors, pest control, and professional cleaning companies trust
Trackem to monitor their vehicles and equipment.

Trackem was built with these businesses in mind, and we strive to provide the GPS hardware and software, built with the reports and functions you need, so we can do the GPS tech work and you can focus on your trade and your business.

Male and female cleaning service workers loading a vacuum into their work van.
Male independent contractor drilling into the exterior of a house.

Key Features

  • Jobsite hours reporting
  • Manage/see workers and equipment at multiple job sites and the shop
  • Protect vehicles and equipment from theft
  • Stop time theft
  • After hours driving notifications/reports
  • Share routes with drivers
  • Simple mileage reports
  • Real-time notifications
Male independent contractor drilling into the exterior of a house.

What Trackem hardware is right for you?

Trackem OBD GPS Tracker

Trackem Plug-in OBD GPS Tracker Device

The Trackem OBD GPS Tracker plugs into the OBDII port of vehicles made after 1996, providing the GPS platform with enhanced vehicle data.

Trackem Rugged GPS Tracker

Trackem Rugged GPS Tracker Device

The Trackem Rugged GPS tracker, suitable for tough conditions like construction sites. It can be installed easily with a simple power, ground, and ignition configuration.

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Case Study

For over 10 years Claybar Contracting has chosen Trackem GPS for their tracking needs

Claybar Contracting has been providing petroleum contracting throughout Ontario and beyond for over 50 years. Claybar designs, builds, maintains and services large petroleum and general contracting projects for corporate and retail fueling stations, hospitals, airports, retail stores, municipalities and reserves, and more....

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