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In an era where precision and efficiency are paramount, harnessing the power of GPS tracking technology is revolutionizing the way golf courses are maintained and operated.

Our dedicated GPS tracking solutions for golf course equipment are designed to elevate your course management experience, offering a wide array of benefits for both your staff and golfers.

Join the Future of Golf Course Management! Embrace the power of GPS tracking and take your golf course management to the next level. Whether you operate a small municipal course or a sprawling championship venue, our technology can help you reduce costs, enhance the golfer experience, and ensure the impeccable condition of your course.

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Key Features

Trackem offers GPS trackers with key features tailored for golf course management:

  • Functions both indoors & outdoors (using WiFi, cellular tracking & GPS)
  • Independent, wireless battery-powered devices
  • Small-form factor
  • Easy, 1-minute installations
  • Long battery life - over 10 years on one set of AAA batteries
  • Easy customizable tracking software
  • Real-time notifications
  • Can support thousands of tracked assets (carts, UTVs, tractors, mobility carts, lawn equipment, Maintenance Vehicles, etc.)

Which GPS Trackers are best for golf course Equipment? 

Magnetic GPS Tracker

Solo GPS Tracker

  • Use on any item or asset
  • Up to 10 year battery life
  • Daily location updates
  • Small and discreet
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Magnetic GPS Tracker

Magnetic GPS Tracker

  • Use on any vehicle
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Strong built-in magnets
  • Motion & Tamper detection
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Wired GPS Tracker

Wired GPS Tracker

  • Use on any powered vehicle
  • Simple 3-wire install
  • 1 x Input for PTO
  • IP67 Water resistant
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