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Delivery companies or businesses with a delivery component, need to know where their delivery vehicles, cargo and drivers are at all times.

Trackem offers functionality to keep drivers on task and efficient, while knowing the fleet is on the best routes, on time and staying safe

Man unloading delivery van packed with cardboard boxes and packages into a storage facility.
Delivery person delivering large package on motorized scooter through a busy city at night time.

Key Features

Some of the GPS tracking functionality that delivery fleets look for and Trackem offers are:

  • Route sharing
  • Route pre-planning
  • Route replay
  • Driver app with delivery forms, vehicle inspections forms and driver communications
  • Fleet efficiency reporting
  • Maintenance reminders
  • Webcams
  • Driving behaviour scores for safety and coaching

What Trackem hardware is right for you?

Trackem OBD GPS Tracker

Trackem Plug-in OBD GPS Tracker Device

The Trackem OBD GPS Tracker plugs into the OBDII port of vehicles made after 1996, providing the GPS platform with enhanced vehicle data.


Trackem Dual-Cam System

Trackem Dual Camera System with Dash Cam

The Trackem Dual-Cam GPS System, designed for fleet management purposes, includes two dash cams (facing inward and outward) and GPS tracking capabilities to monitor driving behavior and collect data on driving incidents.

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