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Today’s transport and logistics fleets require sophisticated GPS and telematic tech. Location data is no longer enough to satisfy fleet managers looking to gain real operational efficiencies and safety enhancements. Similarly government mandates for ELD have made the purchase of telematics more complex.

Trackem GPS provides the platform with the tools for today's modern fleet looking to save on fuel, mitigate safety concerns, stay on top of maintenance and satisfy government regulators with leading ELD solutions.

Line up of white transport trucks, with a separate image showing man using Trackem tracking software.
Line up of blue and white transport trucks, with a Trackem branded rugged tracking device.

Key Features

These operations use Trackem for:

  • Driver app with inspection forms
  • Route planning and sharing
  • Maintenance reminders
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Driver behaviour
  • Dash cams
  • ELD

What Trackem hardware is right for you?

Trackem Fleet GPS Tracker

Trackem Fleet GPS Tracker Device

The Fleet Tracker is a durable GPS tracker designed for demanding fleet applications, capable of receiving data from multiple I/Os and featuring an external antenna option suitable for use with equipment with thick metal walls or inside trailers.

Trackem Rugged GPS Tracker

Trackem Rugged GPS Tracker Device

The Trackem Rugged GPS tracker, suitable for tough conditions like construction sites. It can be installed easily with a simple power, ground, and ignition configuration. 


Trackem Dual-Cam System

Trackem Dual Camera System with Dash Cam

The Trackem Dual-Cam GPS System, designed for fleet management purposes, includes two dash cams (facing inward and outward) and GPS tracking capabilities to monitor driving behavior and collect data on driving incidents.

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