How a GPS Tracker Can Help You Keep Your Generator Safe

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Red power generator sitting on concrete with blue power cable plugged in.

Generators are essential devices that provide a reliable source of electricity when traditional power supply is unavailable. They are designed to generate electrical energy for homes, provide backup power during outages and powering equipment in remote locations. However, generators can be a significant investment, and expensive to replace. So how do you keep a generator safe?

Is generator theft common?

Generator theft is an unfortunate reality that occurs in various parts of the world. Generators are valuable and portable devices that can be easily targeted by thieves. They are often used as a backup power source during emergencies or in locations without access to electricity, making them desirable targets.

Certain factors can increase the risk of generator theft, such as inadequate security measures, remote locations, or areas with a high incidence of property crimes. Construction sites, outdoor events, and rural areas are often vulnerable to generator theft due to limited surveillance and fewer witnesses.

How do I keep my generator from being stolen?

To mitigate the risk of generator theft, individuals and businesses can take several precautions. These include securing generators with chains and locks, installing motion sensor lights or security cameras, keeping generators in well-lit and monitored areas, and equipping them with a GPS tracker.

There are several benefits to using a GPS tracker to protect your generator from theft. First, it provides real-time location data, allowing you to track the generator's movements and ensure it is where it should be. Geofencing alerts can be set up to notify you if the generator moves outside of a designated area, providing an added layer of security. Additionally, if the generator is stolen, the GPS tracker can help law enforcement locate and recover it quickly.

Can I put a tracker on my generator?

Yes! Using a GPS tracker is a proactive and effective method to help protect your generator from theft and increase the chances of recovery if it is stolen. Here are some steps you can take to use a GPS tracker to safeguard your generator:

  1. Conceal the GPS tracker: Install the GPS tracker discreetly on your generator, making sure it is hidden from plain sight and securely attached. Consider placing it in a location that is not easily accessible or noticeable to potential thieves. Keep in mind the direction of the antenna to make sure it can still see the sky.
  2. Regularly check the GPS tracker's battery: Ensure that the GPS tracker's battery is adequately charged to provide continuous tracking. Establish a routine to check and recharge the battery as needed, ensuring uninterrupted tracking capability.
  3. Set up geofencing alerts: Geofencing allows you to define virtual boundaries for your generator's location. Configure the GPS tracker to send you alerts via email or mobile notifications if the generator moves outside the designated area.
  4. Notify authorities: If your generator is stolen, immediately report the theft to the local authorities. Provide them with the GPS tracker information, including the tracking platform details, to assist in the recovery efforts.

Remember, while a GPS tracker can greatly enhance the security of your generator, it should be complemented by other preventive measures. These may include securing the generator with chains and locks, using motion sensor lights, and keeping it in a well-protected and monitored area.

By utilizing a GPS tracker and implementing additional security measures, you can significantly reduce the risk of generator theft and increase the likelihood of recovering your valuable equipment.

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