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Monitor school bus routes. Give parents peace of mind

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Trackem provides bussing operators & schools the ability to monitor busses while en route. The new Trackem interface will keep drivers on track and on time and fleet managers able to see status in real-time.

GPS and video data is used to correct driver or passenger behaviour, as well as to provide vital information leading up to or during events, such as speeding, an accident, or an in-cabin event on the bus.

Parent and child holding hands and walking towards the school bus.
School bus making a right turn onto a busy downtown Toronto street.

Key Features

Bussing companies and schools are using Trackem for:

Which Trackem Plan is right for you?

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You can have it all. Trackem Fleet has the industries most complete, advanced and easy to use capabilities for your GPS tracking and telematics needs.

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What Trackem hardware is right for you?

Fleet GPS Tracker

Trackem Fleet GPS Tracker Device

The Fleet Tracker is a versatile GPS tracker for fleet use. It can gather data from various inputs like temperature and fuel sensors, ID readers, and plows. It also has an external antenna option for equipment with metal walls or trailers.     

Rugged GPS Tracker

Trackem Rugged GPS Tracker Device

Trackem Rugged GPS tracker is built for tough environments, perfect for trailers and heavy equipment. Supports multiple I/O, acts as BLE gateway for Trackem BLE Temp Sensor. Lasts 120 days on internal battery. Easy installation.

Dual-Cam System

Trackem Dual Camera System with Dash Cam

The Trackem Dual-Cam GPS System, designed for fleet management purposes, includes two dash cams (facing inward and outward) and GPS tracking capabilities to monitor driving behavior and collect data on driving incidents.