Personal Vehicles

Protect High Value Personal Assets

Protect Personal Assets

Business operators, managers, drivers, and employees own high valued assets of their own.

You own cars, a boat, a trailer, a RV, a motorcycle, an ATV, a lawn tractor, or any item that could be stolen, or you would simply like to know its location at all times, GPS tracking by Trackem or WhereSafe, would be the solution. 

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What Trackem hardware is right for you?

Trackem MagTracker

Trackem Rugged GPS Tracker

The Trackem MagTracker is very versatile and with strong internal magnets it can be placed on any magnetic surface. 


Trackem MiniMax Tracker

Trackem BLE Temperature Sensor

The MiniMax GPS tracker is our smallest and most flexible device. The internal rechargeable battery can last multiple weeks making it perfect for portability between assets or for use on small equipment.

Trackem OBDII Tracker

Trackem BLE Temperature Sensor

The Trackem OBD GPS Tracker plugs into the OBDII port of vehicles made after 1996, providing the GPS platform with enhanced vehicle data.


Trackem Solar Tracker

Trackem BLE Temperature Sensor

The Trackem Solar GPS Tracker features a large 10Ah battery that can last up to 4 years, in standby mode (1 ping/day), and has an integrated solar panel to charge the battery if installed with access to sunlight.