Personal Vehicles

Protect High Value Personal Assets

Protect Personal Assets

Business operators, managers, drivers, and employees own high valued assets of their own.

You own cars, a boat, a trailer, a RV, a motorcycle, an ATV, a lawn tractor, or any item that could be stolen, or you would simply like to know its location at all times, GPS tracking by Trackem or WhereSafe, would be the solution. 

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Which GPS Trackers are best for Personal Vehicles?

Wired GPS Tracker

Wired GPS Tracker

  • Use on any powered vehicle
  • Simple 3-wire install
  • 1 x Input for PTO
  • IP67 Water resistant
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Plug-In OBDII GPS Tracker

Plug-In GPS Tracker

  • For vehicles with OBDII port
  • Plug in; no wiring
  • Monitor driver behaviour
  • Optional discrete cables
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Magnetic GPS Tracker

Magnetic GPS Tracker

  • Use on any vehicle
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Strong built-in magnets
  • Motion & Tamper detection
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Magnetic GPS Tracker

Solo GPS Tracker

  • Use on any item or asset
  • Up to 10 year battery life
  • Daily location updates
  • Small and discreet
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