Large Facilities

Tracking at a sprawling facility: indoor & outdoor.

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Trackem offers tracking tech, perfect for large sprawling facilities like manufacturing plants, hospitals, universities, warehousing, airports and more.

 Our latest hardware can perform tracking indoors though WiFi networks, where GPS can struggle for signal, and outdoors, where GPS is the most accurate.

This solution negates the need for an expensive and complicated mesh network of gateways and instead replaces that need with inexpensive independent trackers.

Worker in a warehouse using a yellow forklift to move many pallets of beer.
A bustling storage yard with indoor and outdoor facilities, many pieces of equipment such as forklift, hydraulic loader crane trucks, and a heavy side loader forklift.

Key Features

Large facilities are using Trackem to:

  • Track various equipment types (even pallets of product) indoor and outdoor
  • Custom ping rates based on equipment type
  • Monitor hundreds even thousands of vehicles, assets, equipment and even pallets
  • Replace expensive and complicated RFID or BLE mesh networks
  • Integrate with existing facility mapping and or GIS systems
  • And moreā€¦

Which Trackem Plan is right for you?

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The Trackem Facilities Plan is meant for large sprawling facilities with many buildings and vast properties, with hundreds even thousands of assets to track. This plan allows for various custom ping rates across a range of potential asset types, and can feature hardware capable of indoor and outdoor tracking.

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What Trackem hardware is right for you?

Depending on the type of assets that require tracking, Trackem may recommend various hardware types. Call us now or schedule a meeting with one of our experts.