Why Snowplow Companies Need GPS Tracking: A Complete Guide

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Snowplow and snow removal companies are crucial in keeping business and commerce accessible and ensuring safety during winter months. With snow and ice posing significant obstacles and even hazards, these businesses need to prioritize safety as well as operate efficiently themselves. One powerful tool that can enhance their operations is GPS tracking. 

This article will explore why snow removal companies need GPS tracking systems. We'll cover various topics, from liability and proof of work to driver behavior and fleet efficiency. We'll also highlight Trackem, a comprehensive GPS tracking platform designed to address the unique needs of snow removal companies or operations for large facilities or government entities.

GMC Pickup truck fitted with a snowplow pushing large snow bank in a snowy parking lot.

Liability & Slip-and-Fall Risks:

Winter brings a unique set of challenges. The constant risk of slip-and-fall accidents, on sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, and roads can cause a mountain of liability risk for businesses, schools, municipalities, hospitals, and even homeowners. If an individual slips and injures themselves at a place of business, that business could be sued and held liable for damages.     

That's where GPS tracking comes in handy, acting like a safety net against these liability concerns. Snow removal operators can protect themselves from potential disputes using telematics data provided by a GPS tracker and GPS tracking software. 

Some GPS trackers, like the Trackem Wired Tracker or Trackem Rugged Tracker, can read data from vehicle accessories or power take-offs, through inputs to the GPS tracker itself. In this case, the tracker can monitor every instance where the plow is engaged and when it is not. The data that comes in will offer a precise view of exactly when, where, for how long, and for what distance the plow was engaged. Snow removal operators can accurately prove the exact times and locations of snow plow work completed. Even the exact route of the plow, skid steer, or snow blower can be seen in the GPS data. This same function can be used for salt and/or brine spreading.     

Keeping clear records becomes crucial in such situations, given the potential legal headaches that can follow when a slip and fall happens, and victims want to challenge the snow removal operator's contractual obligations. In the unfortunate event of an incident, this data becomes a powerful tool, offering indisputable evidence of plowing activities and fortifying defenses against potential disputes and the legal complexities of slip-and-fall risks.

Elevate your plow route precision with Trackem's Wired GPS tracker, monitoring every plow maneuver with customizable inputs.

Two snowplows plowing a residential street during a snowstorm.

Proof of Work:

In the snow removal business, transparency is key. With Trackem's GPS tracking software, companies can seamlessly deliver concrete proof of their work. The software provides clients and property owners with real-time data and detailed reports, offering a comprehensive look into the plowing status, work completed, hours reports, and more.  

The "show, don't tell" approach isn't just about showcasing the work done; it's about building trust and credibility with clients. Trackem's technology ensures that the proof of work is not just a claim but a tangible, accessible reality for everyone involved.

To do this, system access can easily be shared so that customers can see real-time plowing status, or for more restricted access Tracking Links can be provided to them. Tracking links can restrict the amount of time a user can view as well as specifically what vehicles, with limited functionality, and provide a real-time view of work being done and what work has been completed.

Fleet Efficiency:

Efficiency is king in the snow plow business, where every move counts, especially when battling winter's unpredictability and several contracts that all need immediate attention when the snow flies. Meet Trackem, the key to turning your fleet into a well-oiled machine. This GPS tracking tech goes beyond basic monitoring; it's your partner in optimizing operations.

Trackem’s full suite, Trackem Fleet streamlines fleet management with a comprehensive suite that includes strategic route planning, real-time fuel insights, and proactive maintenance reminders. This solution simplifies repair tracking, fuel cost management, and regulatory compliance by enabling managers to schedule regular maintenance, log repair, and fuelling costs, and set reminders for documentation and licensing requirements. It's a holistic approach ensuring optimized fleet performance, cost-efficiency, and seamless compliance adherence. No fluff—just the tools you need to save time, cut costs, and tackle winter head-on. 

Unleash the full potential of our comprehensive GPS tracking platform with Trackem Fleet.

Driver Behavior & Safety

In snowplowing operations, driving habits and behavior hold the key to both the safety of your team and the financial health of your operation. That's where Trackem steps in, introducing a game-changer—Driver Behavior analytics.

From average speeds to the nuances of braking, cornering, and acceleration, Trackem's analytics dissect every move your drivers make. Forget playing the blame game; it's about understanding, improving, and promoting safer and more efficient driving practices. 

By honing in on specifics like idling, harsh braking, and cornering, Trackem empowers managers to identify and address risky and inefficient behaviors. It's not just about reducing accidents; it's a strategy for enhancing safety, fuel efficiency, and extending the life of your valuable vehicles. Trackem GPS works to help keep your team safe and your costs in check.

Explore our Plug-In OBD Tracker for a seamless integration that drives safety, transparency, and success in your snow plow fleet.

Airport snow removal vehicles during snowstorm with airplane in the background.

Airports & Large Facility Snow Removal

Snow removal at airports and expansive facilities demands efficiency and precision. These environments have unique requirements, and Trackem's GPS tracking platform is tailor-made to meet them.

Airports need more than just a plow; they need a well-orchestrated operation that includes plows, brooms, de-icers, self-propelled snow blowers, loaders, and more. Trackem's real-time data and comprehensive mapping play conductor, ensuring cohesive snow removal that can be analyzed for optimization and monitored in real-time to ensure continued safety on the apron. And when it comes to sensors for different types of equipment such as deicing equipment, maintenance trucks, ground power units, etc. Trackem integrates seamlessly, making sure every asset on the sprawling campus is covered. 

From shielding against liabilities to proving work done, ensuring fleet efficiency, maintainence reminders, providing monitoring for driver behavior, offering insights into PTO systems, and handling specialized environments like airports, GPS tracking is a critical operational tool. Trackem's comprehensive platform bundles all these features and more, providing a robust solution to confront winter challenges head-on.

An investment in GPS tracking, can transform your snow removal operations, and champion a safer and more efficient process. 

Book a meeting with Shaun (, our GPS expert, today and discover how Trackem's solutions can transform your winter services into a seamless and efficient experience.

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