Trackem & WhereSafe Introduce New Line Of Cat-M GPS Modems

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New Tech Offers Longer Battery Life and Affordability

Solutions Into Motion, the developer of Trackem and WhereSafe GPS, is announcing the launch of a new line of CAT-M GPS modems. The new devices will replace the existing line-up of 4G modems, providing new enhancements, capabilities and form factors.

The CAT-M network, officially known as LTE Cat-M1 and referred to as LTE-M, is a low powered wide area network (LPWAN) specifically designed for machine-to-machine (M2M) and the internet of things (IOT). The network has a maximum system bandwidth at 1.4 MHz (as opposed to Cat-0’s 20 MHz), which is ideal for devices where small data transfer is required. Less speed means less battery power required. Some studies suggest that CAT-M can increase battery capacity by 10x.

“We have been aggressively researching CAT-M technologies since it became available. We knew this network would provide the efficiencies and capability for our trackers to offer our clients enhanced user experience,” says Alex Simms, COO at Solutions Into Motion. “To bring our products to the next level, we wanted to offer units with extended battery life and ones that are more compact. Now we can and our pricing does not increase, even decreases in some cases,” he adds.

The new CAT-M line of modems offer improved versions of existing product with longer lasting batteries as well as a new smaller portable personal GPS tracker.

The BAT Mini

The new WhereSafe BAT Mini (ST4940) is a pocket sized tracker that easily fits into a child’s backpack, purse, luggage, containers, or with a magnetic holster onto an ATV, snowmobile, vehicle and more. The Mini features a battery that can last up to one month. See more information at or the video at

The BAT Standard

The all new BAT Portable Tracker (LLO1), is an upgraded version of Trackem and WhereSafe’s most popular form factor…The BAT. This portable magnetic GPS tracker can be installed on any magnetic surface or any other surface with the optional adhesive mounting plate. The new BAT features a long life lithium-ion battery that can last up to one year. See more information at or the video at


Another new form factor is the Trackem Where BAT XT Portable Tracker (ST4940). XT stands for ‘Extended Battery’. This modem features four strong magnets allowing it to be installed on any magnetic surface or use the mounting bracket to install it onto any other surface. The XT has a battery life up to three years. See more information at or the video at

The OBD Tracker and Sport Tracker

The new CAT-M WhereSafe and Trackem modem line-up also features an all new OBDII GPS Tracker and a hardwired Sport Tracker. Get more information about these at, the OBDII product video and at the Sport Tracker product video


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