The Superiority of Third-Party GPS Tracking over OEM Installed GPS: An Essential Solution for Business and Fleet Management

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Fleet Vehicle with third party gps installedAuto theft is a significant concern for businesses and fleet owners, making GPS tracking technology crucial for vehicle recovery and security. While many vehicles come equipped with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) installed GPS systems, this article explores the superiority of third-party GPS tracking over OEM installed GPS, particularly in the context of business and fleet usage.

By examining the customization, versatility, enhanced anti-theft capabilities, cost-effectiveness, discreet installation, and expansive feature set offered by third-party GPS trackers, we aim to demonstrate why they outperform OEM installations in providing robust protection and optimizing operations for businesses and fleet management.

Tailored Solutions for Business and Fleet Needs:

Third-party GPS tracking systems provide extensive customization options that cater specifically to the needs of businesses and fleet owners. Unlike OEM installations, which often offer limited customization, third-party solutions allow users to select trackers that integrate seamlessly with their existing fleet management systems and software. This compatibility ensures a streamlined workflow and efficient data management for businesses with complex operations and multiple vehicles.

Business Fleet Tracking Feature Set:

Third-party GPS tracking systems offer an extensive range of features that are particularly beneficial for businesses and fleet management. These features go beyond basic location tracking and provide valuable insights and tools for optimizing operations and increasing efficiency. Key features include:

  • Mileage tracking: Accurate mileage data for efficient fuel management and cost optimization.
  • Vehicle diagnostics: Real-time monitoring of vehicle health and proactive maintenance scheduling to reduce downtime.
  • Fuel monitoring: Tracking fuel consumption to identify inefficiencies and implement fuel-saving measures.
  • Driver behavior analysis: Monitoring driver performance, promoting safer driving habits, and reducing accidents.
  • Maintenance scheduling: Automated reminders and notifications for vehicle servicing and inspections to ensure regulatory compliance and vehicle longevity.

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Real-Time Tracking and Superior Anti-Theft Functionality:

For businesses and fleet owners, preventing auto theft is of utmost importance. Third-party GPS tracking systems offer advanced anti-theft features that go beyond basic OEM installations. Real-time tracking allows businesses to promptly locate stolen vehicles, improving the chances of recovery. Geofencing capabilities enable businesses to define virtual boundaries and receive instant alerts if vehicles deviate from designated areas, ensuring prompt action against theft or unauthorized use. Moreover, third-party solutions often integrate with security systems, such as immobilizers and alarms, creating a comprehensive anti-theft ecosystem. This integration enhances vehicle security and acts as a powerful deterrent against theft for businesses and fleet owners.

Versatile Installations Options:

The discreet installation options provided by third-party GPS tracking systems are particularly beneficial for business and fleet usage. OEM GPS tracking installations can be easily identifiable and can be quickly disarmed by potential thieves or even disgruntled workers, using online instructions, or simply being familiar with the vehicle. Comparatively, third-party trackers can be installed covertly, making them significantly harder to detect and disable.

These trackers can be concealed in hidden locations throughout the vehicles, such as under seats, inside compartments, under the vehicle, or behind panels. The inconspicuous nature of third-party installations reduces the risk of theft as criminals are less likely to target vehicles equipped with hidden GPS trackers. Similarly, this reduces the risk of time theft by employees, who may want to disable the GPS tracking system, so they are not being tracked. Furthermore, third-party trackers offer flexible installation methods, including hardwired connections directly into the vehicle's electrical system, plug-and-play options that connect to the OBD-II port, or battery-powered devices for non-permanent installations. This versatility allows businesses and fleet owners to choose the most suitable installation method based on their specific requirements and operational needs.


For businesses and fleet owners, third-party GPS tracking systems offer customized solutions, enhanced anti-theft capabilities, discreet installations, and an expansive feature set that significantly outperforms OEM installations. These advantages enable businesses to protect their assets effectively, optimize operations, reduce costs, and improve overall fleet management. By embracing third-party

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