per year. Save 22% off regular yearly plan.



per year. Save 24% off regular yearly plan.

  • 8 months ‘live’ tracking - 2 min updates when moving
  • 4 months suspension with asset recovery
  • No FEES - No fees to suspend units on account
  • No Fees to activate or reactivate
  • No new equipment or SIM card required for any renewals
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Seasonal Service Plan Details

Our Seasonal service plans allows you to suspend service for four off months of your choice. This system is perfect for seasonal business needs, cottagers, RV enthusiasts, boaters, farmers and motorsports enthusiasts. Plan suspensions still keep the GPS tracker ‘alive’, so the SIM chip stays active, and allows for asset recovery mode, in the case of off season theft.

The seasonal plan will charge for eight months of regular service and four months of suspension service. The savings for seasonal users will be significant compared to paying regular monthly rates for twelve months.

The seasonal plans are pre-paid. Reactivation after the four off months is automated and only requires a customer confirmation through email. Seasonal plan activation is a one time thing, which does not require any customer action for future years’ service, unless you need to activate full year service.