Fleet Management and GPS Tracking

Trackem offers fleet management tools using GPS tracking devices installed in vehicles. Real-time active tracking, reports, instant notifications, vehicle maintenance and highly customizable user access.

Real-time mapping 

View both current and past vehicle locations on a large dynamic map. Trackem uses LocationIQ maps from Unwired Labs.

Routes driven 

View your drivers routes from beginning to end, showing all stops along the way. Look back on routes up to 90 days ago. 

Scheduled reports 

Trackem can schedule reports to your inbox daily, weekly or monthly. Don't waste your time with manual downloads.

Customizable user access

Create groups within your company for better organization and customize what each user can access. 


Create unlimited boundaries with entry and exit notifications attached to them. Timestamps allow you to create billable reports for clients.

Vehicle maintenance logs 

Remind yourself of upcoming maintenance by the amount of mileage driven. Stay on top of costs by tracking expenses in our Service Log. 


Find and dispatch the nearest employee for emergency service calls and find the shortest route to the job with traffic delays built-in.

Jonas Construction 

Trackem location data can be shown within Jonas Construction software. 

Desktop web access

No need to download software. Sign into your account from anywhere in the world with our web access platform optimized for modern browsers.

Mobile access 

Busy on the road? We have you covered with our mobile app. Always know where your vehicles are. Available on Android and iOs. 


Look deeper into your fleet with a wide range of reports. Most can be scheduled and emailed to you so you always have the data you need.

  • Fleet - Overview of your entire fleet allowing you to run peer comparisons.
  • History - Look at a vehicles history for up to 90 days. 
  • Stops - Determine where your vehicle stops throughout the day and for how long. 
  • Idling - Reduce emissions and save money by monitoring idle times throughout the day. 
  • Geofence - Know when a vehicle enters/exits an area while also calculating the time inside. 
  • PTO - Connect to additional switches to track when they are being used (i.e. a siren light or snowplow blade). 
  • State Mileage - Collect mileage driven within Provinces/States to provide to the government for tax purposes. 
  • Heatmap - Have a visual of where your fleet is most often throughout the day. 
  • Proximity - Select an area to see if you had any vehicles there during a timeframe. 


Always know what is happening with your vehicles without needing to login to your account. Email or SMS notifications are sent out when an event occurs.

  • Geofence Entry / Exits - Be alerted when a vehicle enters/exits a boundary set by you. 
  • Ignition On / Off - Know when your vehicles are being started; useful for after hours and weekends to eliminate side-jobs. 
  • Speeding - Improve safety in your workforce by being notified immediately if a worker is speeding. 
  • Power Disconnect - React quickly when a device is being tampered with by your employees or a would be thief. 
  • Idling - Reduce fuel costs and emissions by knowing how long your vehicles are idling. 
  • Stopped - Receive a notification when your vehicle has stopped for a defined timeframe.
  • Harsh Braking / Acceleration - Reduce the wear and tear on a vehicle by monitoring erratic driving behaviours in real-time. 
  • PTO / Inputs - Track how often and how long an additional switch is being used; useful to prove amount of hours salted/tracking the amount of tows in a day. 
  • Alarm Trip - Have the ability to recover a stolen vehicle immediately with this alarm notification. 
  • Low Battery - Never worry about your device going dead with battery reminder alerts.