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Now that we have your attention, we want to point out a key reason businesses rely on the Trackem GPS platform to improve fuel efficiency, safety, security and business management – instant notifications. Sounds simple, however, a business manager receiving real-time notifications on a mobile phone about important information that impacts the bottom line, can be crucial for improving on the fly or planning for the future.

Trackem’s GPS software is constantly receiving millions of various types of data points, from our GPS trackers in the field. We take that data and form it into usable functions and information for our customers to see and use, on a desktop computer or mobile device. We output precise GPS location, speed, driving behaviour, stop times, entries and exits, idling, PTO usage and on and on. What’s more is that we can notify business managers instantly about this data or these events.

The New Trackem GPS application on a laptop computer and an iPhone smartphone.

(Image Caption: Trackem GPS Desktop & Mobile Application)

The most common and understood notification is to notify for speeding. The system can send alerts too fleet managers as speeding infractions are occurring. Speeds can be set to posted speed limits or to custom maximum speed thresholds. Similar driver safety notifications can be set for driving behaviours such as harsh breaking or rapid acceleration. These notifications can be set to send to the driver as well, so they know first that they are driving too fast, but also that their superior is aware. This has proven to correct the behaviour and provides companies with easily defined and monitored driver safety policies.

Trackem Speeding, Harsh Braking and Rapid Acceleration Notification

(Image Caption: Trackem Speeding, Harsh Braking and Rapid Acceleration Notification)

Notifications can also be set to alert managers for excessive idling. This way managers can monitor and cut down on unnecessary vehicle idling that wastes fuel and causes excess engine wear. Combine these fuel savings with those resulting from lower average speeds and milder acceleration, and companies can save substantially on fuel costs, which is a primary concern for today’s fleets.

Trackem Speeding, Harsh Braking and Rapid Acceleration Notification

(Image Caption: Trackem has left the Job Site, Unauthorized Usage and Excessive Idling Notifications)

Businesses can establish geofences around parking depots, jobsites, head office, storage yards, supplier facilities, etc., and receive real-time notification for the entry and/or exit from any predefined location. Managers used this to monitor when staff get to and leave jobsites to track hours or even to know when an employee has entered an unauthorized area.

A similar function provides business operators notifications for unauthorized usage. The system allows each GPS tracker to send notifications for movement, during pre-defined times. So most Trackem fleet customers will set a time like 6pm to 6am and if the GPS tracker detects any motion between those hours, an instant notification will be sent to the right person. This is used to mitigate unauthorized driving/usage after hours and/or theft.

Trackem Speeding, Harsh Braking and Rapid Acceleration Notification

(Image Caption: Trackem PTO, Tamper and Low Battery Notifications)

Notifications can also be set and sent for PTO (eg, siren, plow down, ect.) engagements. This can be critical to prove to clients when work was completed or knowing details about when an incident happened. Other notifications send alerts for low battery levels (for battery powered GPS trackers), or if a GPS tracker is tampered with or disconnected.

So, use Trackem for your business and get notified, directly to your mobile phone, in real-time about critical parts of your business. Use these notifications to help your business gain fuel and other efficiencies, increased safety and business security.

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