WhereSafe GPS New & Improved App Interface

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WhereSafe GPS for families and consumers in general, was built as a stripped down version of a comprehensive fleet and commercial GPS solution – Trackem. The entire objective of the WhereSafe initiative was to create a simple, easy to use GPS service that is affordable, for everyday people. WhereSafe’s goal is to provide the tools to let you ‘Protect Your Passions’.

The product & service was officially launched in February of 2020. Since that launch, the development team has been working on ways to improve the offering to accommodate the rapid growth in subscription base, and to enhance ease-of-use functionality.

“As a company, our history has been shaped by the needs of businesses. Today we are listening closely to the steadily growing base of consumer clients who are using WhereSafe,” says Alex Simms, COO at Solutions Into Motion, the developer of WhereSafe and Trackem. “In relative terms, WhereSafe is a new venture for us, so we need to continue adapting quickly to keep up with changing consumer demands." 

The system update provides a true 3-click activation, which instantly integrates the GPS tracking hardware to the user account and mobile app. Customers can now self-activate, without any processing delay. Additionally, users can now sign-up and login using their Facebook login information. This has essentially eliminated the need for users to go to the existing WhereSafe Account Activation website.

Now activation is completely handled through the app.

WhereSafe users have access to a number of new functions. Existing users can now easily add multiple devices to their account, without any interactions with WhereSafe customer service. If a user requires GPS protection for another asset, they can simply purchase it directly from the mobile app and add it to the account. Once installed, each tracker can be managed from a common account. 

Similarly, the app update has made multiple user activation simpler. WhereSafe has always allowed for each account to accommodate up to 3 users (for family members). Now those users can be activated from the app, versus having to do so, on the website or via customer service.  

The new app version also allows users to share the benefits of WhereSafe easily with friends. Also, users can now automatically report a system issue direct to WhereSafe customer support, from within the app. The update also provides some front-end interface design improvement as well as minor bug fixes. 

From a business growth management perspective, the update has also made conducting business easier. The new system allows for automatic subscription management, whereby recurring payments are established from the onset. Client invoicing is generated automatically through the apps new payment processor. This includes immediate payment verification and processing, eliminating the need for any collection efforts. 

“This new update has provided more robust functionality to our client base and helped us streamline operations that can quickly get clogged with some of the issues that these new functions solve,” says Simms. “The hope is that we can find efficiencies and continue to improve our systems and offerings.” 

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