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The latest version of the Trackem GPS tracking platform can create benefits for companies of all sizes.

The latest version of the client facing Trackem GPS tracking platform was built to deliver on three main principles: a simple user interface, functionality that clients need and scalability for future development. GPS tracking can create benefits for companies of all sizes looking to gain efficiencies in terms of fuel consumptions across their fleet.

The system offers features to monitor fuel bills, overall fleet fuel expenditure, mileage analysis and driver scorecards. Driver scorecards help to identify drivers with habits of fast acceleration or speeding, which contribute to excessive fuel burn. Detailed reports can help identify a number of areas in the fleet that can be optimized for fuel efficiency. To add to this, the new Maintenance section can help keep fleet managers or business owners up to date and vehicles maintained to optimize fuel economy.

The Trackem platform offers new fully customized dashboards for a one stop spot for a snapshot of fleet or driver specific mileage, fuel, fleet efficiency, job hours and more. Available data for clients has been upgraded, so users can now access six months of history versus 90 days on the legacy system. The system also has upgraded its mapping to use Google Maps, has driver messaging built in, provides forms for vehicle inspection and more. A new mobile app interface has also been upgraded with extra features. 

The software has been built to be able to accommodate various IoT hardware. Trackem will begin testing and exploring ways to integrate BLE sensors, dash cams, WiFi trackers and other sensors and accessories.


Article Written by: Material, Handling, & Logistics

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