Brenn B Farms Expands Functionality With Trackem GPS

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Brenn B Farms is a family-owned vegetable farm, located in Flamborough, Ontario, that has been in operation spanning four generations. The farm, now over 65 years old produces a variety of potato products for retail, wholesale, and the food service industry across Ontario and Canada. Brenn B private labels a number of brands for multiple major chain grocers and food service companies in Ontario.

Chris and Shawn Brenn standing back to backPart of the success of the business is the ability to get its produce to market, efficiently and at the finest quality. This began in 1948 with the first purchase of a brand new Dodge Fargo, as the company's first delivery truck. However, times have changed since 1948.

Current owners Shawn and Chris Brenn, who operate a larger fleet of reefer trucks today, compared to when their grandfather ran things, recognized that timing and efficiencies with deliveries were vital to success. Knowing exactly when deliveries have left the farm, exactly when they arrive at the delivery destination, and when the truck arrives back at the farm has become key logistical information to keep Brenn B Farms deliveries on time and fresh.

“Many of our customers are large consumer retail grocers who demand timely deliveries. In order for us to maintain and even improve upon the level of service and relationships that we have with those clients, we invested in Trackem GPS to help us better deliver on those tall expectations,” says Shawn Brenn, President at Brenn B Farms.

More recently Brenn B Farms decided that routes, timing, location, and delivery status were very helpful, however, they wanted to use Trackem GPS to unlock even more data.

Shawn Brenn enquired about real-time remote temperature monitoring of his reefer fleet. Trackem offers Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) temperature sensors that integrate directly with the GPS tracking hardware. The Brenn B Farms Reefer trucks had Trackem Rugged GPS Trackers installed which also act as a BLE gateway for up to 10 BLE sensors. The Reefers were each fitted with 2 Trackem BLE Temp Sensors, with one near the door and another at the furthest point away from the door. When the reefer is not attached to the back of a truck, the Rugged tracker will continue to track as it has 120, backup battery. If it moves, when it should not the company can be alerted.

Brenn Farms overhead view

Using the mobile app, or web platform, Brenn B operations can always know the real-time temperature of the reefers. Drivers and/or operations staff will get instant notifications if temperatures go over or below pre-defined limits, to ensure optimal climate control.

“Trackem has helped us keep a close eye on our delivery fleet, with all the data that we require to drive efficiencies and keep the quality of our produce where it needs to be. Now we are looking to Trackem to help us find tracking solutions in other areas of our farm operations,” says Brenn.

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